Family Business Center Central Valley
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Organization and Structure

Organization & Structure


Participant Definitions


Contributing and active family businesses that pay annual membership, actively engage in seminars and sessions, offer feedback as to their needs, and seek peer group relationships for networking, confidential issue discussions, and problem solving. The benefit to them is networking relationships, personal & professional development, and opportunities to build their family business alongside other family businesses.


Contributing and active service providers and professionals that pay annual membership, provide guidance on family business needs and actively recruit potential new members.  The benefit to them is providing value add to their clients by helping them build healthy peer relationships for advice and counsel when needed.

CEO Affinity Group

Most senior leadership individuals in the family business are participants in the CEO Affinity group. The benefit to them is their ability to network with other CEO group members and discuss issues specific to their level in the company and focus on generational success and leadership development.          

Next Generation Affinity Group

This group is made up of the younger family members who have been identified as potential future leaders in the family or the business.  The benefit to them is to network with other next generation group members and the opportunity to develop confidential and meaningful relationships to discuss relevant issues. 


Members and Sponsors who take an active leadership role and participate in monthly board meetings to provide guidance and direction to programs and membership.