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Family Business Center Central Valley

Building Your Business.

Supporting Your Family.

About Us

Family Business Center Central Valley is a membership driven organization that seeks to respond to the distinctive needs of family business owners. We believe one of the best ways to meet these needs is through networking family business owners and together, striving to not only identify common and specific issues we all face but also strategic and effective solutions to these issues.


  • We focus on sharing knowledge, learning together, and growing our capabilities to manage an increasingly complex business environment.

  • We frequently host trainings, workshops, and group discussions for our members and their invited guests to exchange information, ideas, and experiences.


  • We are community based and driven to promote positive relationships among the family businesses we serve.

  • We frequently utilize appropriate information from confidential case studies of businesses right here in the Central Valley to provide you with relevant and focused insights for your family business.


  • Grooming employees for future management opportunities.

  • Business succession from one generation to the next.

  • Improving financial management capabilities for your business and family.



200  Roseburg Ave // Modesto, CA 95354

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